Dan MacDonald


I’m a Seattle based UX and product designer whose recent focus has been professional dashboards and tools. I’ve worked on projects for Amazon AWS, Microsoft and most recently SHURE.

Selected work


DNG device deployment

DNG’s device deployment workflow had a password entry and authorization design that was not meeting security requirements. I created a design that satisfied the main security requirement – that password entry and modification be on a single screen. 

My design uses progressive disclosure and success notifications to aid users through the process while simplifying the steps for the majority of users that analytics show don’t even use passwords.


DNG device error notifications

SHURE had substantial user feedback showing that users were not being clearly notified of device errors that might keep room audio from working.

I created a design that utilized existing error icons and banners and extended them to more clearly notify of device errors. I advocated for the importance of distinguishing between minor issues and errors causing audio loss and helped design new methods for showing broken audio paths.

Visitor manager

Product marketing website

Visitor Manager approached us to create a product website after having previously designed their mobile app. They wanted a straight forward easy to navigate site that provided product information to three very different customers, and outlined the use and benefits for four very different groups of end users.


About me

My first go at better UX began with coding myself a photography portfolio after trying multiple templated site builders and finding their gallery options slow and frustrating to navigate. Working at a camera repair shop helping struggling customers navigate camera menus cemented my desire to design better digital products.

Since then I’ve done a broad range of design work for  a variety of clients and enjoy all facets of design. In my free time you can find me whipping something up in the kitchen, enjoying the outdoors, reading or playing the occasional video game.

Thanks for taking a look at my work. Please get in touch at danielmacd@gmail.com if you’d like to chat about working together!